Next up:

Im Auto Richtung Sonnenuntergang:

17.11.17 w. wild mohicans + wall of trash + nasty pack @ leipzig / zoro
18.11.17 w. SepticDieter, Guns N Gänseblümchen, Unfaded, L188 Electra @Göttingen im Juzi – Soli Konzert für den AK Asyl



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Skating@ Bad Trip Bremen and special things going on in Hamburg

Sa. 21.10.17 spielen wir mit Dismalfucker und Conta im Bad Trip (Plantage 18 / Bremen) eine Matinee Show am Skate Pool. Also rollen und rocken und rocken und rollen quasi. Geht los um 16 Uhr und ist um 21 Uhr vorbei. Also bester Grund dem verkackten Freimarkt aus dem Weg zu gehen!

Sa. 28.10.17. spielen wir unter dem Namen Faxe Police einige Coversongs, Karaokesongs und eigene Songs im Linken Laden in Hamburg. Das Ganze ist Soli für die G20 Prozesse und wir freuen uns sehr dort etwas beitragen zu können und haben uns Mühe gegeben ein lustiges Programm aufzustellen. Kommt rum und macht mit. Wird lustig und feucht fröhlich!

bad trip

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NEWS September 2017

Finally our record is about to be released! There´ll be more details about it soon.
And we´re back on track – right now we´re booking a few shows for the rest of this year.

Next shows:
Mo. 18.09.17. w. Troika @ Erle 17 (ex-Grüner Zweig) – Bremen Neustadt
Sa. 28.10.17. @ linker Laden – Hamburg (SPECIAL SET!)

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Next up: Groningen!

We´re playing Groningen on the 9th of June 2017! And down there is a new / old song called Scales, it is going to be on our next record.

This is the Line Up of the Earthshaker Fest II:
– AOS3 ( dub ska punk , UK )
– BOYCOT ( anarcho punk , Alkmaar , NL )
– DARMSTADT ( raw crust , Gent, B )
– DORTEBEKER ( punk from Bremen, DE )
– EXILENT (d-beat from Hannover, DE )
– INDIAN NIGHTMARE ( tribal metal-punk-suicide , Berlin, DE )
– MALAMONDO (punk commando from beautiful Groningen , NL)
– NERVOUS ASSISTANT ( hc punk from Bremen , DE )
– NO SUN RISES ( blackened crust , Münster , DE )
– OMEGA TRIBE ( ! angry songs, bitter words ! punk , London, UK )
– ONE EYED GOD ( psychedelic ska dub punk , Liverpool , UK )
– SMILEY & THE UNDERCLASS ( punk roots rockers ,London , UK)
– SUIT SIDE VS. VEDA PLIGHT (anarcho punk noiz, Liege/Dinant)
– TOTENWALD ( dark punk from Berlin , DE )
– WERLY ( derranged crust punk , Liege , BE)
– WIZARDS OF OI ( punk’n’roll from Ghent , Hellgium )

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new videos

there´s quite a few new videos recorded at shows on out US Tour in the video section – enjoy! Thanks to everyone who recorded and shared them with us ❤

Next show:

9.6. w. Boycot, Dörte Beker & more @ Bambara – Groningen

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back from the US

Back in Europe! Back from US Westcoast Tour! Back in rainy Bremen! Thanks to all those who showed up, hosted us, lended us gear, had drinks with us, showed us around, booked shows, made breakfast, showed us huge record collections, shared stages with us etc. This was a huge experience! Anybody who bought a tape and didnt get a download code: drop us a line and we ll send you one!

Thank you Andy and Amoy, Rob, Gabby, Naes, Matt, Ben, Keith, Gabe and Laura , Beth and Larry (sorry for the keys), Francine, TV Static, Stucko, Grosero, Jewdriver, Whoosie Whats its, Cross Stitched Eyes, Mabs, Silent Era, Street Eaters, Divine Dirt, Something on the wing, Numbered, PISS TEST, The Estranged, Muscle Dungeon, Lunch, Howling Gods and all the other friends we met and made… We love you San Francisco, Oakland, Medford, Portland and Seattle Punks!

Next Up:
05.05.2017 – w. Danger!man @Hafenfest – Störte Bühne / Onkel Otto Hamburg
13.05.2017 – w. Inner Conflict, Bambix & Postford @ Bistro Kult – Verden
09.06.2017 – w. Dörte Beker, Boycot, AOS3, Exilent, Omega Tribe, No Sun Rises, Totenwald and more @ Bambara Earthshaker Fest Groningen

and listened to two of our new songs:

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US Westcoast Tour April 2017

Hello USA,

we are here to meet friends, taste local goods (weed and buritos) and play some shows. lets do this..

04.13.17 San Francisco – Parkside
w. TV Static, Stucko and Grosero

04.15.17 Oakland – BOB fest
w. Cross Stitched Eyes, Jewdriver and Whoosie Whats

04.17.17 Oakland – The Golden Bull
w. Silent Era, Street Eaters and Mabs

04.18.17. Medford – Medford Pyrate Punx House
w. Divine Art and Something on the wing

04.19.17 Olympia – tba

04.20.17 Portland – Blackwater
w. Piss Test and Numbered

04.21.17 Portland – tba

04.22.17 Seattle – Lucky Liguor (afternoon all ages show)
– Victory Lounge (afternoon show) w. Howling Gods

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